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Finesse, Finishing, Foto

A course with PERSONAL INTERACTION from Ricky
It's almost like a private quilt retreat!
Runs from September 11 through October 16, 2021
Enrollment is Limited
BETA CLASS 50% off ...

In-Store VQL Feb 3-4-2023

Friday, February 3 and Saturday, February 4, 2023
Regular VQL Price is $269. Save $40 for this event.
This is an IN-STORE participation event for the 
following retailers listed below.


In-Store VQL Jan 27-28-2023

Friday, January 27 and Saturday, January 28, 2023
Regular VQL Price is $269. Save $40 for this event.
This is an IN-STORE participation event for the 
following retailers listed below.


Mi Cabina

Ricky designed this fun quilt as a twist on tradition. The design has a scrappy aspect that is unified by a formal design layout. The bear appliqué border can be changed giving a variety of ...

Virtual Quilt Luminarium 2022

EARLY BIRDS THROUGH OCT 23, 2022 - ONLY $229 - Save $40

View the video trailer above.
The video will outline the details of all that is contained in Virtual Quilt Luminarium. Virtual Quilt 


Divide and Conquer 2022-A

Saturday, March 5, 2022 - 9AM to 6PM Mountain time - four Zoom sessions.

This is the sequel to the Convergence Quilts 2022A. It is only available to those who just completed the Convergence 2022A class. It will ...

LocoMotion: Conquering Curves 2022D

This is a repeat of the LocoMotion: Conquering Curves class. If you missed out on the sold out A, B, or C sessions, this is for you. Please read all the details outlined below.


Sir Lancelot Quilt

This is the 2nd in Ricky's Arthurian Legend Quilt Series. Meet Sir Lancelot! Ricky designed this quilt in elegant, low-contrast and rich autumn colors. Make yours ...

Let's Quilt

You have found the online classroom of Ricky Tims. While this new site launched in November 2014 with limited class offerings, you will find that new classes are constantly being added. Check back often to see what's new.

Although this is primarily a website to learn quilting techniques and pursue fun quilting projects, Ricky will also offer classes on design and composition and photography that will benefit any artist looking to enhance their creative endeavors. 

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About Ricky

Multi-faceted Artist

Ricky Tims has successfully blended his creative passions into one very unique and interesting career. He is well-known in the international world of quilting as an encouraging teacher and inspirational speaker. His skills as a pianist, composer and producer have been evident by the thousands who have heard his music. He also pursues photography as one of his significant artistic disciplines. Visit and

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