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Quilt Luminarium April 2021—Standard


Join Ricky Tims for an amazing online experience. It's like nothing else in the quilting industry! This is the standard registration page for Quilt Luminarium April 8-10.

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This is the Standard registration page.
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Ricky's multi-day quilt seminars have been witnessed by thousands over the span of sixteen years. Now, first the first time, they are being offered virtually from the comfort of you home. While we know there is nothing to compare with an in-person event, technology affords the next best thing, and depth and clarity at which Virtual Quilt Luminiarum is presented affords the best virtual experience possible.

The streaming Quilt Luminarium sessions can be viewed at your convenience during the event time frame. You will not be required to watch at a set time. The only LIVE aspect will be Q&A throughout the event. This allows internationals to watch at their convenience and then choose a Q&A session on Zoom that best suits their time considerations.

The sessions are recorded previous seminars that were shot before a live audience. There's no doubt, attending a live Quilt Luminarium is a wonderful experience, but time of this Covid-19 pandemic has caused many changes in how we learn and interact. Virtual Quilt Luminarium is a great opportunity for those who lived too far away to attend. This is especially true for international quilters.

Quilt Luminarium is a comprehensive quilt symposium that demystifies seemingly complex concepts, teaches mastery of unique techniques, and harnesses the power of the ever-elusive muse of creativity. There is a diverse range of topics that will enlighten quilters of all experience, expertise, and styles. Quilt Luminarium covers an expanse of diverse styles, methods, and topics.

Ricky says, "I made the switch from presenting the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminars to doing the more in-depth Quilt Luminairum in 2015. I planned to offer a Virtual Quilt Luminarium option as well. As a result, over the past few years, I had the foresight to record these events, knowing that a recording of a LIVE presentation would be the best way to give registrants the best virtual experience—complete with audience reactions and interaction. Virtual Quilt Luminarium is being assembled from dozens of hours of footage. I must admit, I’m very pleased with the results seeing it all come together."

With Virtual Quilt Luminarium you will:

• Get the entire educational experience from the safety of your own home.
• Watch at your convenience in any time zone.
• Pace the experience best suited to you.
• Enjoy bonus offerings not previously offered.
• Participate in live Q & A sessions via Zoom!
• Save money by not having travel, meals, or lodging expenses.

This virtual event will begin streaming at on April 8th. In the days preceding the event you will begin receiving email notifications with instructions and links as well as the scheduled for LIVE Q&A via ZOOM.

The standard registration allows for access to the streaming video sessions for one week following the end date. Compare below.

A VIP pass allows you permanent access to the sessions for review at any time in the future. Compare below.


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