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Monograms and Logos


Make a great monogram or logo quilt that is custom designed just for you. Great for students, retirees, or other special occasions. A great gift quilt—fun, easy, and original.

Class Example Image Monograms and Logos is a quilt class whereby you will make a quilt featuring bold simple and personalized Monograms or Logos. The quilts will all follow the basic look shown here. The technique is foundation-pieced, but with large simplified units. The instruction will include various ways to make the blocks to keep the process as quick and easy as possible.

We will create a pattern for you with your chosen monogram letters or simple logo. This will be for you to make your own one-of-a-kind quilt. Consider school colors. This is the perfect quilt for students of all grades and to commemorate events such as retirements, graduations or other milestones. The class has been scheduled at a time that would make this project very manageable to complete and gift during the December holidays.

All blocks in the quilt are 8" square. All quilt designs will be 64" x 80" which is eight blocks per row and 10 rows. The border design will be similar to the quilt shown here. If you choose, you may add an additional border. The colors will be your choice and the fabrics you use are likely to come from your quilt stash. 

Ricky made his logo quilt (shown) to celebrate an important family member. It was so fun, easy, and quick that he's decided to share this process with others. 

Logos submitted must be relatively simple and bold. We will offer a couple of monogram options for two or three initials. Fancy serifs or curls are not reasonable for these designs. This class fee includes a custom pattern which will be designed for each person. The complexity of the design must remain simple. Should a submitted logo be too complex and/or unreasonable for the project, and an alternative cannot be agreed-upon, we will refund the class tuition.

One hour sessions at 10:30 Mountain Time on
Monday, October 2 - Getting started
There is a three week break to give time for all original designs/patterns to be created prior to Session 2
Monday, October 23 - Session 2
Wednesday, October 25 - Session 3
Monday, November 6 - Final Showcase

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Included in the Class

4 video lessons