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A comprehensive course with PERSONAL INTERACTION from Ricky! It's almost like a private quilt retreat! Runs from September 11 through October 16, 2021. Enrollment is limited.

Class Example Image A course with PERSONAL INTERACTION from Ricky
It's almost like a private quilt retreat!
Runs from September 11 through October 16, 2021
Enrollment is Limited
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This is a comprehensive and interactive course that is intended to enhance/perfect the end result of your quilt. This course came about as a result of Ricky observing quilts in progress that had great potential for success (as they were being made), but nearing the finish line, those quilts fell short of their potential. The borders, quilting, and/or finishing techniques were often to blame. The final lessons on quilt photography are critical to the final outcome.

There are other situations where the quilts are finished well, but the quality of the photo and the various other aspects of the image causes an otherwise stellar quilt to be lackluster. It is important that each stage of a quilt's creation be tended to with care and excellence. Most often the failures occur with the border, quilting, finishing, and/or photography.

Each person registering for this course will be given truthful (sometimes unavoidably disheartening, but intended for success) written critiques throughout the course. Ricky's primary goal is to encourage and inspire. However, in this course, if there is an issue, or something that can be improved, he will do everything possible to give you a boost and set you in the right direction so that your final presentation—a photo of your quilt—will be the final submission/representation of the course—the final exam, if you will.

Each person will start at the beginning by making a small wall quilt. Participants will be encouraged to make a fairly simple quilt top using patchwork and/or appliqué of their own choosing. Originality is encouraged. Purchased patterns are discouraged. Your quilt could be as simple as a few log cabin blocks with a border, or simple bear paw or other traditional blocks. Simple art quilts will also be encouraged. Each person should pursue their own taste in regards to their quilt top. Diversity is encouraged. Complexity is discouraged.

After quilt tops are completed, we will discuss batting options - density of quilting - and choice of finish. Quilting may be done by hand or machine (domestic or longarm). The final journey will cover photographing and editing the image for the best result possible.

Students will upload progress images that will be viewed by everyone in the class. Ricky's critiques will also be visible to all. A thick skin will be needed for this course. Ricky is known for being a gentle critic and will always find good things to say about your work. But the overall purpose of this course it to push you to be better as you approach the end—to make the best choices, and to ultimately present your finished quilt (totally finished) in a photo that makes your quilt shine to the viewers.

Whether you enter quilts in local shows - international shows - or no shows, taking your quilt to the finish in the finest form possible, and giving them your best workmanship effort, is critical. This is not a contest. Our participants' skills will be of a wide range. Ricky's goal is to bring out the best - regardless of someone's skill level.

There will be LIVE sessions via Zoom. These sessions will be recorded in the event a person cannot attend the live session. Sessions are usually posted within 24 hours of the LIVE event—often sooner.


If you recently took Ricky's Gridified Art Quilt course—or his Kool Kaleidoscope course, and have yet to finish your top—or have finished the top but have yet to quilt it—you already have a quilt top ready and will be ahead of the game. You can create something new and decide what to finish.

Schedule for LIVE SESSIONS
Note: not every Wednesday and Saturday*

Session 1 - September 11 - Saturday 9AM Mountain—getting started

Session 2 - September 15 - Wednesday 9AM Mountain—quilt tops

Session 3 - September 18 - Saturday 9AM Mountain—quilt tops/borders

Session 4 - September 22 - Wednesday 9AM Mountain—tops to quilting

Session 5 - September 25 - Saturday 9AM Mountain—quilting

Session 6 - October 2 - Saturday 9AM Mountain—finishing quilting and edge finish—lesson on Photography

Session 7 - October 13 - Wednesday 9AM Mountain—final photography submitted

Session 8 - October 16 - Saturday 9AM Mountain—FINAL SHOWCASE
*topics may change slightly as deemed necessary

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Included in the Class

9 video lessons