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Convergence Class 2022-C


September 16-17, 2022. Convergence quilts are magical, fast, easy, and VERY fun! This course will cover the first of four Convergence methods - the Harmonic Convergence. By using only four squares of fabric, an amazing and magical artful wall quilt emerges.

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SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2022 - Friday/Saturday
Convergence quilts are magical, fast, easy, and VERY fun! This course will cover the first of four Convergence methods - the Harmonic Convergence. By using only four squares of fabric (potentially from only ONE fabric), an amazing and magical artful wall quilt emerges. It's slicing and dicing at it's finest!

Convergence all began when Ricky stumbled on a fun way to use his  multi-colored hand-dyed fabrics. Many of his convergence quilts are made from a single  fabrics. There are multiple options, but you will be encouraged to use two squares of multi-colored fabrics and mix them with fabrics of your own. Naturally, you can use your fabric stash and a guide for fabric selection will be provided in the supply list. Students can easily finish the entire quilt top during the two days of class.

WARNING: Convergence quilts can be addictive (smile). Once you learn the process and start seeing the possibilities, you may find yourself making more and exploring the options. They truly are fast and fun, and they are great for both traditional and contemporary quilters who would enjoy making a quick, fun, and artful project. They make great gifts too! Gift giving season is coming soon!

This small wall quilt will measure in the range of 32". Depending on some of the maker's choices, it can vary to be a bit larger or smaller. Guidance will be offered for making future versions in any size you want.

For this class, please plan to set aside the first day for working on the body of your quilt. The second day will be about designing and making the borders. Naturally some students proceed faster than others, but this two-day time frame is generally more than adequate to complete your quilt top.

Times Listed are Mountain Time
There will be seven LIVE sessions via zoom. You do not need any special software to join the class.
Friday - September 16, 2022
9AM - 1 hour
Noon - 30 min
2:30 PM - 30 min
5:30 PM - 30 min
Sessions are recorded - Session are yours forever

Saturday, September 17, 2022
9AM - 30 min
2:30PM - 30 min
5:30 - 30 min
Sessions are recorded - sessions are yours forever

Class is delivered via Zoom webinar format.You do not need special software. Ricky won't see you, but you will see him. Each zoom session is recorded and posted for reviewing. It can take approximately 1 hour following the end of the session to be posted and available for review. Quilters worldwide can join the fun because they can watch at their own time-convenience.

ALL SESSIONS ACCESSED FOREVER. You always have access to come back and review this class.

Photos showing each person's progress are shared. You will see the progress of your classmates and the individuality is inspiring. It will give insight as to they variations you might attempt in the future. All students see Ricky's comments and suggestions of submitted images/progress. This process is covered in the class.

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If you wish to include Ricky Tims multi-colored hand-dyed fabric, visit this link and order early so you have your fabric in time for class.

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Fabric Requirements

The body of this quilt uses four 15” squares of fabric. Students choosing to use Ricky's hand-dyed fabric will be urged to use from 2-4 squares of this fabric. The other two fabrics will be the student’s choice. Large-scale theme prints will work well. Other times, fabrics that mix and blend well with the hand-dyed fabric also make good choices. In essence, it is impossible to plan how these quilts will look. They are a mystery until they are cut up and sewn together. Students using their own fabrics may use four different fabrics. Large theme print fabrics work well, but are not essential. The first session is about selecting fabric - so have a varied stash of potential fabrics and be ready to make the selections after the initial session on fabric selection.


The first day of class is learning to cut and assemble the body of the quilt. The second day is all about the borders. The borders MAKE the quilt and there are endless possibilities—many will be shown/demonstrated. Ricky will give suggestions and guidance on how to give your quilt a fun and innovative border. No two Convergence Quilts will be alike.

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8 video lessons
2 lesson downloads