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Lizzy Albright Quilt Tutorials


Connecting generations. This quilt, inspired by the novel, Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window, features numerous techniques. Ricky has simplified complex blocks to build confidence and accuracy. Fifty video tutorials in this self-guided online class.

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Everyone taking these tutorials will need a copy of Granny's 1930's Sampler—the pattern instruction book. GET THE PATTERN BOOK

The Lizzy Albright Quilt, aka Granny's 1930 Sampler, was discovered by Lizzy Albright in 1964 in her grandmother's cedar chest. Anyone who loves Lizzy will want to own their own replica of the Lizzy Albright quilt. Naturally, quilters can choose their own fabrics. But Ricky Tims designed fabrics FOR the Lizzy Albright quilt. It is rare to be able to replicate a vintage quilt, but through the magic of fantasy world... this is possible. 

You will need a copy of Granny's 1930 Sampler for the class. All of the patterns are in that book. Purchase the book at or your favorite quilt shop that carries it.

These video tutorials are streaming and can be watched anytime. They are each short, and each offering guidance and tips for making the blocks. These videos are not "how" to make the blocks. The instructions are in the book. The videos provide additional tips and guidance. Once enrolled, you will have access to the videos forever - you must be signed in. The videos do not expire.

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52 video lessons
4 lesson downloads